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Analysis of 750,000 SNPs at the same time


bebegene® Series -
CNV & SNV related diseases - Symtoms associated with genetic diseases - Developmental disorders - Autism, Intellectual disability - Organ disorders - Cardiac anamaly, Renal osteodystrophy, Immune deficiency, Dysgenitalism - Physical disability - Skull deformity, Muscular hypotonia, Growth delay, Visual impairment

For healthier babies,
beyond early detection

2-3 out of 100 children have autism spectrum disorder
Disabilities such as visual and hearing impairments are often detected early before the age of 3, but autistic disorders and emotional behavior disorders that are not well visible are more likely to be diagnosed after age 3.

Chromosomal disorders can occur randomly in anyone as a result of an error during fertilization and cell division.
The risk for a baby to be born with a chromosome abnormality increases with the age of the mother.
Newborn genetic screening is the practice of testing every newborn for certain harmful or potentially fatal disorders that aren't otherwise apparent at birth.

What is Newborn genetic screening,

By analyzing the whole genome through a SNP chromosomal microarray, bebegene® newborn genetic screening test accurately identifies early onset of many rare diseases that have characteristic symptoms such as mental retardation, developmental disorder, and autism. These problems can be actively responded to by early treatment through bebegene®. The purpose of bebegene® is to minimize and prevent the abnormal symptoms and complications that may occur to the child by detecting the developmental disorders, the behavioral disorders and the mental retardation before expression.